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Champion Bloodline Bassets

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Champion Bloodline Bassets

Big noses & droopy eyes, floppy ears, freckles & wrinkles are our specialty!

Big noses & droopy eyes, floppy ears, freckles & wrinkles are our specialty!

Purchasing, Policies, & Health Guarantee


-Our prices vary with each litter so please contact us for current litter prices. To contact us go to the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page to obtain our contact information.

-To reserve one of our puppies there will be a $300 (non-refundable) deposit that will be credited towards the total puppy price.

-Our puppies are sold with limited AKC registration. (See policy #5 below)

-Our purchase price includes de-worming and their first set of shots.

-For our puppies safety it will be your responsibility to pick up the puppy or make arrangements. All pick up arrangements must be approved by us.


1.) To reserve one of our puppies contact us for payment options. No personal or cashier’s checks will be accepted! Once you reserve a puppy we will schedule a pick up date, the puppy must be picked up by the set date or it will be
re-homed and no refund will be issued.

2.) At the time of pick up we only accept cash in person due to problems we’ve had in the past with personal and cashier’s checks.

3.) All sales are final! No refunds or returns! See “Health Guarantee” below for our only exceptions.

4.) Once you purchase a puppy from us you are not to take it to any shelter or rescue what so ever! If you feel that you are no longer able to care for the puppy contact us and we will help you make other arrangements.

5.) Limited AKC registration means you are strictly purchasing the puppy as a pet. The purpose of the limited AKC registration is to validate that the puppy you are purchasing has a full-blood Basset Hound Pedigree. Please contact us for further information on obtaining Full registration/AKC breeding rights as we have a screening process. This is for our puppies protection and safety!

Health Guarantee:

This PUPPY is health guaranteed for 48 hours against any health or temperament irregularities and it is required that the BUYER have the PUPPY examined by a licensed veterinarian during this 48 hour period. This will make the BUYERS warranty good. Let’s say your PUPPY seems fine when you get it, but your veterinarian notices an irregular heartbeat or a swollen gland. It can be noted and on record legally in the event your PUPPY gets worse. In the same sense, if the PUPPY is healthy and you take the puppy to show friends and family and take it into pet stores where other pets are publicly allowed to enter, exposing your PUPPY to all kinds of germs that cause illness and can cause “death” this contract will be proof for the BREEDER the puppy “was” healthy.

If the veterinarian finds the PUPPY to be suffering from any serious or communicable disease, which could result in demise, extended veterinary care or substantial decrease in the future development of the PUPPY, the BUYER may make arrangements to return the PUPPY at his or her expense within the 48 hours of the examination. If the PUPPY is returned to BREEDER under this 48 hour provision, all documentations, a letter from the examining veterinarian, and other items provided by the BREEDER to the BUYER in connection to the purchase of the PUPPY must be returned to the BREEDER. A full refund minus deposit will be returned to Buyer or an even exchange for another puppy