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Big noses & droopy eyes, floppy ears, freckles & wrinkles are our specialty!

Big noses & droopy eyes, floppy ears, freckles & wrinkles are our specialty!

Congratulations on the new fellow of your home! Bringing your furry friend home is overwhelming. From your puppy’s point of view, this is the time of unapologetic fun, exciting things to explore, meeting new animals, and tons of new adventures ahead. If you are a first-time puppy parent, it’s your time to cuddle your puppy and give lots of attention and care. However, there will always be times of whining, screaming, sleepless nights, and constant puppy monitoring. In this beautiful journey, you need to take care of certain things. Whether you have hound puppies or any other breed, here are some tips to help raise your puppy. 

Five Must-Know Tips For A First Time Puppy Parent

Are you excited to raise your first puppy all by yourself? We understand this journey’s beauty, so we are here with some must-know tips for you. Raise your puppy ideally by following these five essential tips:

1. Puppy-proofing

Whether you have hound puppies or any other breed, puppy-proofing your home is the first thing to do. Remove everything that you don’t want your puppy to chew, or that can damage their jaws. Your furry friend is curious and will use its jaws to explore new things daily. A toxic plant or open garbage bag will entice them, and they can hurt themselves. So, ensure that your puppy is healthy by puppy-proofing your home. 

2. New Puppy Checklist

Get your pen and get ready to write all the essentials for your little one. There are a variety of items that your puppy will need during the first few weeks. Avoid purchasing expensive items that will be useless once they get old. Here are some of the essential things to be on your checklist after buying a puppy from us:

  • A kennel or crate with a cover will give your puppy an excellent habitat.
  • Proper bedding for their growing bodies.
  • Puppy toys to join them in their play sessions.
  • Puppy food according to the breed like hound puppies, Basset, etc
  • Collar and ID tag so that they will never get lost.
  • Grooming supplies to keep your furry friend clean and healthy,

3. Establish Ground Rules

Now that a new member has joined your family, you need to hold a family meeting. Set up rules, so your puppy doesn’t get hurt and becomes a part of your family. Also, your puppy needs the training to learn basic obedience. Get to know the characteristics or traits of the breed of your dog to help  understand them better. Basset dogs are typically family-friendly but have a wide range of characteristics, like hunting small game, bred into them as well. You should know and understand the different characteristics that the breed your searching for can display, whether hound or other class.

4. Schedule a Vet Visit

Set up your routine and decide specific days for vet visits. The first week with your puppy might be a challenge for you, but hang in there, we’re all just growing up. Get to know the breeder, most have a deep connection with the dogs they commit their time to; Fredmonds Hounds Kennel does! 

5. Feed Them a Balanced Diet

For the proper development of your puppy, choose a protein-rich food with quality ingredients. You should read your food labels and look for natural animal protein ingredients. We recommend avoiding synthetic preservatives, flavors, and colors in your pet food. Your puppy will love the taste of protein-rich food. Feed them a balanced diet by maintaining the right proportions of everything. You can also visit a vet to know about your pet’s balanced diet. 

Bring Your Furry Friend Home With Fredmonds Hounds Kennel!

We are able to  arrange delivery or meet roadside in some situations but we always recommend you come out to meet your new extended family. Our Basset hounds prices depend on a variety of things, like the quality of a mating or the litter size. We hope we’ve helped you to navigate through your interest in a new puppy, and if it’s a Basset Hound, call Fredmonds!