Champion Bloodline Bassets


Past Pups

Detroit showing off his new ride! He's hard at work!

Photogenic Freedon from Brutis and Frita's 1st litter!

Thanks for the updated pictures of Buttercup at 2 months of age! Here he is lounging around with his fluffy friends!

Buford enjoying his new backyard, ears flopping around and everything!

Miss Eloise lovin' life with her new daddy!

Maui and her new best friend checking in with us at about 2 months of age during some good ole cuddle time!

Penny not too sure about the "great outdoors", but I'm sure she loves it now!

Boys will be boys...holdin' down "their" fort!

Aggie taking her basset babies on a tour of the backyard while daddy was re-landscaping it! Always ready to help!

Cookie sunbathing on the soft grass!

Our Brutis and little Brutus in the puppy fort!!

Lady MacDuff making her rounds before going to her new home!

Miss Daisy taking a nap after a busy morning!

Buttercup looks so much like his dad "Brutis", on the prowl in his new yard!

Thank you for the updated picture of this handsome little guy Buford! I guess I shouldn't call him little anymore considering at 4 months of age he's weighing in at 22.2 lbs!!!

Eloise at 4 months old with her new best friend...looks like she's lovin' the country life! Thanks for the updated picture!

Clinger chillin...dreaming about his favorite football team!

Sir Drake saying goodbye and leaving with his new best friend!

Dixie Chick showing off her good looks!

Our first ever Basset Babies on 1 of their 1st adventures...boy they had fun that day!

Toby from Debbin's first litter ever, to Big Frita; one year update. Thanks for the pic and always happy to hear from you! 

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