Champion Bloodline Bassets

"Fred the Hound"

The Fams

Sir Fredmond Edmonds
1st GEN

Fredmond's Brutis Maximus
2nd GEN

Debbin Ebenezer
3rd GEN

Phoebe McGee

Frita Leia

Bailey Grace

We are a family operated breeding program of AKC registered Basset Hounds. Big noses and droopy eyes, floppy ears, freckles and wrinkles are our specialty! Our Bassets are raised in a family setting and are very well tempered dogs. Great scenting hounds built to track, with some tender care they could be the field companion of your dreams or the star of the show ring!

"Goldfish Bandit"

The Accomplice "Fluffy"

Do Not Attempt to Apprehend!!!

Right Hand Man! 

Honey I'm Home, Where's My Dinner!

Will Work For Food!!

Dog Pile!!!
He Calls the Plays...Cuddle Up!

Debbin, Chasin' Fred's Paper! 

Our Basset Hound journey all started with Fred! He was such a great puppy and as he matured, he developed into a classic example of the American breed standard.
Our friends, strangers and even our veterinarian suggested we consider breeding him and though it took some time for us to take that leap, we're very happy to be making our own contribution 
 to this very special line of hounds!

Debbin Ebenezer keeps this bloodline alive and is an Amazing-All-American specimen.

We have seen some good stock come and go over the years, and we always do our best to diversify our gene pool while retaining some of the most desirables from our matings.

 We've incorporated Basset Hounds from all over the world into our breeding program, constantly hunting for the distinguishing characteristics they are known and loved for! They are truly one of the best considerations for a family pet, and I must warn you, be prepared to fall in love with your new puppy and this breed as a whole!

Thanks to all my loyal Basset lovers for making this project possible and our goal will always be to produce quality puppies, for both families and enthusiasts alike, at an affordable price.

Brutis Maximus & Frita Leia
2nd GEN

     Lots of Puppy Playtime at                         Fredmonds!!!

Bailey and Zoey

Brutis and Hadley

Our Latest Additions,
Heidi and Gretchin!!!

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