Champion Bloodline Bassets

Partners with Penny's Basset Hounds
"Fred the Hound" PUPPY KINGPIN

We're excited to announce that Debbin's first litter with Frita is scheduled to be here in the middle of May 2018! Send us an email to be put on the notification list, and get an early pick of the litter!

The Fams

Sir Fredmond Edmonds

Brutis Maximus

Debbin Ebenezer

Frita Leia

Bailey Grace

Phoebe Mcgee

"Goldfish Bandit"

The Accomplice "Fluffy"

Do Not Attempt to Apprehend!!!

Right Hand Man! 

Honey I'm Home, Where's My Dinner!

Will Work For Food!!

Dog Pile!!!
He Calls the Plays...Cuddle Up!


Brutis Maximus & Frita Leia

     Lots of Puppy Playtime at                         Fredmonds!!!

We welcomed Bailey and Zoey into the family in March 2014!

Brutis babysitting Hadley

 We are a family operated breeding program of champion bloodline basset hounds.  Big noses and droopy eyes, floppy ears, freckles and wrinkles are our specialty.  Our hounds are raised in a family setting and are very well tempered dogs.  Great scenting hounds built to track, some tender care and they could be the field companion of your dreams or the star of the show ring.

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